that's what they say...

"Lukas Rick is a great talent and one to watch." - Donavan Hepburn (Drummer - Take That/Cheryl Cole/Miss Dynamite/ Lighthouse Family/Ronan Keating/Beverly Knight/Alesha Dixon etc.)

"Lukas is a musician who can play with feel, energy and heart.  He is always pushing himself and has a passion for music." - Tim Gordon (Nexus Academy of Music,  Head of Drums)

 "As a producer I'm working together with many different drummers from many different stylistic backgrounds since a couple of years now. Lukas is one of the most versatile drummers I know. No matter what style of music - he feels home everywhere. - He is an ideal studio drummer who gives every track the right groove. No matter if it’s about a smooth Pop rhythm, a funky Groove or a thick Rock beat - Lukas plays it everytime with the right feel and appropriate for the song. Seing Lukas coming into the studio right at the beginning of a session and setting up his DW drumkit with brand-new and perfectly tuned drumheads, the (most of the time) stressed-out producer get's himself a coffee and thinks: 'That's already half of it. - This is what I call to work in a professional way.'" - Nathanael Wendt (Producer, Vocalist &
Guitarist of D:PROJEKT)

about Lukas

  • Born in Dresden/Germany - 2 sisters, one brother
  • Grew up in a very musical family, with both parents being professional classical musicians
  • Started to play violin at the age of 6
  • Started playing drums at the age of 12 in his first band at church
  • From 1996 on he received 2.5 years classic snaredrum tuiton and drumset basics
  • Lots of autoditact education, live playing and some studiowork/recordings followed in the next years
  • Visited many workshops/masterclasses and received tuition from Burkhard Mayer-Anderson, Chester Thompson and Benny Greb
  • 2005 participated at the international SUISSE DRUMMERS AND PERCUSSIONISTS COMPETITION
  • 2004 - 2006 Lukas played for several artists and toured three times with the Rock/Pop-Musical project 'NewChallenge' doing the "chat-a-live" and "Homezone" shows in Germany and Switzerland
  • From 2006 on he received study-preparative drum lessons from Gaston Endmann with focus on Latin/Jazz
  • 2007 succesful application and entrance examination at Nexus Academy [Coventry/UK]
  • 2008/2009 - Lukas studied drums at the N.A.M. (NEXUS Academy of Music). Tutors: Tim Gordon, Dave Silber
  • further workshops/masterclasses 2008: Steve Smith, Jerry Brown, Mark Fletcher, Alan Dale
  • Lukas is received private tuition with Donavan Hepburn (Take That, Rihanna, Miss Dynamite, Lighthouse Family) from January till July 2009
  • May 2009 - Being part of a team of 17 drummers Lukas broke the Guinness World Record of Endurance Drumming at the Nexus Academy of Music in Coventry/UK with playing the drums 64h non-stop
  • since August 2009 Lukas is working full time as drummer and coach
  • 2010 - Lukas is playing on German TV Shows with David Garrett, Jennifer Rush, Wencke Myhre, Roger Whittaker and many more and is doing drum workshops together with Donavan Hepburn
  • since January 2011 - Lukas get's the drummer's seat for the up & coming German/Thai Rock-Sensation "SuperCircus"
  • 2011/2012 - further Live Showas for William Raw, SuperCircus, Hillsong Germany (Berlin Connect)
  • July of 2012 - Lukas joins the Backing Band of Elen Wendt (known from the massively successful TV-format "The Voice of Germany")